• Zeppelin Hangar in Rio de Janeiro.
  • "In the sky of Rio" book release.
  • Colonel Bruno Pedra speech.
  • The authors: Igor Colares, Jobson Figueiredo e Helton Cezário.
  • Part of the exhibition.
  • Part of the exhibition.
  • Zeppelin miniature.
  • Jobson Figueiredo signing.
  • Jobson, Colonel Fernando Costa and Major Brigadier Terroso.
  • Inter view of the Hangar.
  • Jobson Figueiredo and Brigadier Bering.
  • Original Zeppelin ladder.
  • BASC photo exhibition.
  • Igor Colares, Colonel Fernando Costa, Jobson Figueiredo e Helton Cezário.
  • Corporal Queiroz photo exhibition.
  • Jobson Figueiredo, Colonel Ronconi and Igor Colares.
  • Book image.
  • Book image.
  • Book image.

Zeppelin Hangar

In 2016, the Zeppelin Hangar in Rio de Janeiro completed 80 years of construction, a building that has been preserved and in use until today, thanks to the Aeronautics of Brazil. The command of the Santa Cruz Air Base (where the Hangar is) invited Jobson Figueiredo to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Zeppelin Hangar. The invitation was given because Jobson Figueiredo was the restaurateur of the Zeppelin Tower in Recife, he is a great studious of the dirigibles, besides collector, perhaps the greater in Brazil, of objects related to the Zeppelins and the Great World Wars.

For the commemoration, Jobson organized the book “In the sky of Rio: historical records of Zeppelin in Rio de Janeiro”, where the historian Helton Cezário and designer Igor Colares also signed the texts. The book carries rare and historical images of the Jobson Figueiredo Collection and some of the Santa Cruz Air Base Collection. These are pictures that bring the memory from the very first passage of the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin to the trips of the LZ-129 Hindenburg in the Wonderful City. Aerial views of a developing Rio de Janeiro, internal photos of the aircraft and the hangar make up its pages; it is available in three languages: Portuguese, German and English.

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Taking advantage of the celebratory space, an exhibition was also organized with selected items from the Jobson Figueiredo Collection. The exhibition featured original Hindenburg porcelains, postcards, stamps, period mail, books, medals among others (92 items in total). Rare objects that guard Zeppelin's memory, document its trajectory and still represents possibilities for the future.

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