• Jobson Figueiredo and Brennand talking about Coluna de Cristal.
  • Work in progress in Sculpture Park, 2000.
  • Elcir, Reginaldo Esteves, Jobson Figueiredo and Brennand analyzing the project.
  • Ceramic coating placement.
  • Structure in bronze at Atelier Jobson and being placed in the Coluna de Cristal.
  • Scaffolding structure during construction work.
  • Crystal flower is the inspiration for the artist.
  • Working in bronze plates.
  • View from the top of the sculpture during execution, in 2000.
  • Gargoyle sights the city of Recife.
  • Jobson Figueiredo and Severino Gomes leading the works.
  • Brass plate.
  • Production of one of the bronze gates.
  • Finished gate in bronze.
  • Gate placed at the base of the Coluna de Cristal.
  • Conversation between Reginaldo Esteves, Francisco Brennand and Jobson Figueiredo.
  • Analysis of the pieces still in wax, before the bronze casting.
  • Eggs just after bronze casting.
  • Sandpipers just after casting.
  • Turtle still in wax.
  • Mold covered by plaster.
  • Cast bronze.
  • Turtle just after foundry.
  • Bronze turtle in the Sculpture Park.

Sculture Park

Francisco Brennand Sculpture Park is located in the district of Recife, in front of Ground Zero and bathed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A wonderful area, with dozens of small and medium-sized sculptures that has, as the center of attention, the monument Coluna de Cristal (Crystal Column), 32 meters high. Jobson Figueiredo realized the project and made all bronze pieces of Master Brennand in the park.

The Sculpture Park brings the Brazilian fauna pieces, mythological figures and panels with inscriptions. Much of Brennand imaginary is part of the path of who runs the jetty and can capture the atmosphere and aesthetics of the artist. Because of this, the park was quickly incorporated as a modern postcard of the city of Recife.

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