• Detail before the 1994 restoration.
  • Vesta - Le Printemps
  • Flora - La Automne
  • Níobe - L'Hiver
  • Ceres - L'Eté
  • Temis - La Justice
  • Diana - La Fidelité
  • Minerva - La Liberté
  • Juno - La Concorde


The Praça da República, in the Santo Antônio neighborhood, is a square surrounded by the Palace of the State of Pernambuco, Court of Justice and the Santa Isabel Theater. Within this space, the passer-by can enjoy the beauty of eight deities made in cast iron. In 1994 all the pieces contained damage which have been restored by Jobson Figueiredo.

Because the research of the artist, it was found that, as well as several pieces in Recife, these deities were produced in France, inVal d’Osne Foundry. Because the technique and the materials are part of the Atelier Jobson Figueiredo domain, the restoration can be performed keeping the original features. In the pictures on this page, comparisons between the state before and after the restoration.

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