• Detail of one of the sculptures of the bridge.
  • The four large french sculptures of the bridge .
  • Structure before and after the restoration, 1994.
  • Before and after restoration.
  • Detail of cast iron strucure.
  • National news and international repercussions of Jobson Figueiredo restoration work.
  • News from 1994 and 2001 extolling care with the french peaces of art.
  • News from Jornal do Commercio and page of Fontes (french magazine).

Mauricio de nassau Bridge

The connection of the Marquez de Olinda Avenue with 1º de Março Street is made by Maurício de Nassau Bridge; known passage of locals and tourists who enjoy the beauty of Recife Antigo. In 1994 it was restored by Jobson Figueiredo, which renewed the entire bridge, including lampposts, balconies and the four large French pieces that make up the bridge.

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