• Christ before restoration.
  • Forearm during restoration.
  • Detail of Christ's arm.
  • Work during restoration.
  • Work during restoration.
  • Laying of restored Christ in the Central Chapel of Santo Amaro Cemetery.
  • Jesus Christ restored in 1992.
  • "Restored Christ is attraction in cemetery" - Di├írio de Pernambuco, November 1, 1992.

Santo Amaro christ

In 1992, the cast iron piece of Jesus Christ, located in the Central Chapel of Santo Amaro Cemetery was restored. Jobson Figueiredo and his team spent five months working and managed to make the opening at All Souls' Day that year. Weighing 2 tons, the piece was two broken arms, painted with tar and holes in the legs and chest.

It was not part of public knowledge, but it was notice on newspaper that such piece is a rarity sculpted by J.J. Ducel in France in 1840. This Christ came from Paris to Recife with an altar cast iron and clad with gold, 1841. Unfortunately, the altar was no longer in the cemetery, as had been sold without accountability, by an administrator of the cemetery.

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