• "The Scorer" detail.
  • Preparation of the construction site.
  • Damaged base.
  • Removal of old stones.
  • Removal of old stones (2).
  • Preparation of cement.
  • Restored base.
  • Panels with the story of Abelardo da Hora.
  • Cement planning.
  • Structure for the base.
  • Damage before restoration.
  • Damage at the bottom.
  • Sculpture detail.
  • Restorations process.
  • Top view.
  • Workers on scaffolding.
  • Restored sculpture.
  • "The Scorer" completamente restaurado.

The Scorer

In 2017 the restoration of the piece "The Scorer" of the master Abelardo da Hora was carried out. The bronze peace is the stylized figure of a soccer player and is located in front of the stadium "Arena Pernambuco". The base of the sculpture had several problems, the most visible being the total degradation of the stone coating. The fixation of the sculpture, in only one point, showed a clear lack of resistance to support size.

The flooring of the base was replaced by large stones of Ubatuba Green Granite, new stainless steel plates with the qualification of the sculpture and the sponsor of the restoration, Cepe - Companhia Editora de Pernambuco. It was built a sidewalk around the sculpture and a walkway to the main entrance of the stadium. The fixation on the foot of the sculpture was redone with four parabolts. The top of the base has gained a new coating with cement and melted tar. The piece was restored and polished in a detailed process.

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