• "Mulher retorcida", white opaque resin.
  • "Mulher retorcida".
  • Detail of "Objeto sexual".
  • "Objeto Sexual" panel in resin and objects. Image of internal control.
  • "Prisioneiro II" in old control sheet.
  • "Prisioneiro II" overview and detail.


  • "Figura de mulher retorcida" sculpture in resin and light; Ed. Ana Paula, Bernardo Pessoa Street, Recife-PE.
  • "Objeto Sexual" panel in resin and objects; Hotel Miramar, Recife-PE.
  • “Prisioneiro nºII" sculpture in concrete and resin; Ed. Daniela, Av. Domingos Ferreira, 3856, Recife-PE.
  • Sculpture in concrete and resin "Prisioneiro n°III"; Ed. Natália, Navegantes Street, 1475, Recife-PE.
  • Trophy for the National Wind Surfing Championship in polyester resin, Recife-PE.

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