• "S.O.S. Santa Isabel" exhibition advertising.
  • Alex article about art.
  • Article detail.
  • Exhibition "Fernando de Noronha - 3 visões".
  • Engraving by Jobson Figueiredo for the exhibition.
  • Flyer back.
  • Inside flyer.
  • Participant artists.
  • Front of invitation.
  • Back of invitation.
  • News from Jornal do Commercio about "Fernando de Noronha - 3 Visões".


  • "Coletiva de Artistas Pernambucanos", Metropolitan Art Gallery Aloysio Magalhães, Recife-PE.
  • Exhibition: "Fernando de Noronha 3 Visões", Museum of Contemporary Art of Pernambuco (MAC), Olinda.
  • Collective exhibition "S.O.S. Santa Isabel", Ária, Jaboatão dos Guararapes-PE.
  • Collective exhibition "1° Encontro de Cultura", Jaboatão dos Guararapes-PE.
  • Panel for building made in fiberglass, resin and light, called Panel for building fiberglass, resin and light.

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