• Newspaper article eport page about "Poesia Visual".
  • Newspaper article eport page about "Poesia Visual".
  • Part of the exhibition invitation "Recife Pintura Poesia".
  • Inside of exhibition invitation "Recife Painting Poetry".
  • Exhibition participants.
  • Proof of participation.
  • Rodrigues Art Gallery logo and advertising of "Recife - Pintura Poesia".
  • Proof of participation.
  • "Recife neighborhood became atelier for artists" - Diário de Pernambuco.
  • News detail.
  • Jornal do Commercio article.
  • News detail.
  • Greetings from Sydia Maranhão.
  • "Retrato do Recife" book cover.


  • "Poesia Visual" at the Arts Center of the UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco).
  • Exhibition "Recife Pintura Poesia", Rodrigues Art Gallery, Recife-PE.
  • "Homenagem ao Recife", panel painting on streets of Recife-PE.
  • Participating in the event "Pintando o Novo Recife" book cover "Retrato do Recife: Situação Econômica e Social".

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