• Old postcard with the image of Santo Amaro Cemetery
  • Details of the gate columns of the before the restoration.
  • Railings detail before restoration in 1992.
  • Restored railings in 1993.
  • Gate before and after restoraiton.
  • Angel during and after restoration.
  • "Santo Amaro begins to become less gloomy." - Jornal do Commercio of 14 June 1992.
  • Jornal do Commercio of 14 June 1992.
  • "Iron art on our streets" - Diário de Pernambuco, July 16th 1993.

S. Amaro Cemitery railings

The Cemetery of Santo Amaro was officially opened in March 1851, with the blessing of Bishop D. João da Purificação Marques Perdigão. There in the cemetery numerous artworks in iron, marble, bronze, and other materials; so Jobson considers the cemetery as an "outdoor gallery ". In 1992, fortunately, this "gallery" had some of its works restored.

As an example of revitalization, there is the fence of cast iron, which was all recovered by the artist. This grating comprises grid circulating area of the cemetery and a gate with two columns. All this work was originally produced by the now extinct Aurora Casting commanded at the time by Englishman Christopher Starr.

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