• Monument in Tribute to the Soldier Dead on Duty Compliance
  • Monument detail.
  • Other point of view of the monument.
  • Flyer.
  • Exhibition credits.
  • Invitation for "Esculturas na Praça".
  • "New sculpture trends: exhibition".
  • Back of "Exposição de Arte Correio" invitation.
  • Artist participants list.
  • Exhibition poster.
  • New from Diário de Pernambuco about exhibition at public square.
  • Poster with informations.
  • Auction to support Woyzeck.
  • Artist participants list.
  • Invite exhibition.
  • Exhibition credits.


  • Exhibition "Esculturas na Praça", Derby Square, Recife-PE.
  • Exhibition "Esculturas na Praça", Rupública Square, Recife-PE.
  • "Encontro com a Arte e Cultura Pernambucana" Studio Spazio, Rome - Italy.
  • "Visual Print / Digital Printing", Lula Cardoso Ayres Art Gallery, Recife-PE.
  • "Exposição Nacional de Arte Correio" Biblioteca Popular de Casa Amarela, Recife-PE.
  • “1ª Panorâmica Pernambucana da Escultura e do Objeto”, Lula Cardoso Ayres Gallery, Recife-PE.
  • "Arte em Tapumes", mural of Itaú, Entroncamento Square, Recife-PE.
  • Auction for support Woyzeck, Lula Cardoso Ayres Gallery, Recife-PE.
  • "Coletiva Studio Armando Borges 2", Maceió-AL.
  • Collection of lithographs "ERÓTIPOS".
  • "XXXIX Salão de Artes Plásticas de Pernambuco", Convention Center, Recife-PE.
  • Produced the “Monument in Tribute to the Soldier Dead on Duty Compliance”. Made of cement and concrete, the monument is located in front of the Quartel do Derby on a platform and has the inscription: "Here lies the man, here born the hero."
  • Sculpture for building in polyester resin and concrete “Eclosão I”, Ed. Villandry, Av. Boa Viagem, 4752, Recife - PE.
  • Sculpture for building in polyester resin, iron and water "Homage to Bridget Hiley" inner courtyard of the factory Norgrafe, Recife-PE.
  • Panels and sculptures for building made in fiberglass, resin and light, Seychelles Hotel, Olinda-PE.

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